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"Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.”  Alfred A. Montapert



Time or Rather the Lack of it!   


What is the biggest enemy preventing you from faster business growth and more profitability? Is it your competition, overhead, technology, sales, employees, cost of goods, purchasing, collections, estimating, billings, bill paying, human resources, equipment repairs, healthcare management, planning, forecasting, cash flow, or all of the above and more?

My guess is none of the above. My guess is that time is your biggest enemy, or rather the lack of it! As a business owner there is never enough time to get everything done you need to get done. If only you had more time you could get to more of those things and really see progress. If you only had more time maybe you could even get find opportunities that could save you even more time. If only you could delegate certain areas of responsibility, confident in the outcome, why wouldn’t you do it?

That’s exactly what FLAG can do for you, save you time, or rather give you time. FLAG is built to provide that confidence with our national procurement programs. Based on our combined Memberships purchasing volumes, you can be sure you’re getting the products & services you purchase for your label converting company at an advantage. An advantage that is always growing as our group continues to grow with more independent label converter companies joining us. Why not take a look and see if FLAG can save you time with confidence, so you have more time for other things?


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