Member Advantages

"...this is the single biggest game changer I have ever been a part of..." 

Ohio FLAG Member Testimonial

FLAG Member Advantages

Buying Group Savings

FLAG negotiates national vendor contracts, leveraging the buying power of all its Members. Group purchasing delivers bottom line savings to Members and increased sales for its valued Vendor Partners.

Catastrophic Recovery

FLAG Members can rely on each other when catastrophic emergencies strike. The ability to receive help from other FLAG Members you know and trust while recovering can provide comfort to you and your customers.

New Markets

FLAG Sales & Marketing efforts realize new label sales opportunities for Members to compete for customers who require multi-location services. The ability to offer a multi-location service opens new doors for sales.

New Resources

FLAG Members network with each other to learn how others are doing things or solving problems, which may help improve their own business.
FLAG Vendors provide services many single sites won't qualify for.

"The Combined Savings from ALL FLAG Programs Gives Our Members a Bottom Line Advantage Most of Their Competitors Don't Have and No Single Product Line Price Beats!"

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