Proven Value


“…this is the single biggest game changer I have ever been a part of…”  Ohio FLAG Member

"I’ve never written a check. I buy stuff and collect checks." Connecticut FLAG Member

“Most productive time spent in 2014!”   Illinois FLAG Member (Annual FLAG Members Meeting)

“There is No Downside!” Vermont FLAG Member

“YOU’RE NOT ALONE!” Canada FLAG Member

“…we have received tremendous value as a FLAG Member and would highly recommend this program to any label manufacturer.” Massachusetts FLAG Member

"The bottom line value the ICG has delivered for our members as well as our vendors has been tremendous. Ten years ago John McKay was the first vendor to put together a program for our group. He knows what makes a buying group successful."Andrew Willie, Executive Director, Independent Carton Group ICG Celebrates 30 Years 

“...Over the course of my association with the ICG John McKay, now of FLAG, has always been an excellent and trusted supplier of the organization. Now that John has started his own buying group for the flexo label part of our business, my company Disc Graphics was quick to become one of the first members because we didn't want to miss out on any of the positive opportunities that I'm sure will follow under John's leadership.” Don Sinkin, CEO, DISC Graphics

In these difficult economic times every company needs an advantage, with FLAG 

“Our Group is the Advantage”

Is FLAG a Good Fit for Your Company?


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