Let’s bust the myths about FLAG Membership.

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Myth #1 - I will lose my current suppliers when I join FLAG.

Afraid to join FLAG because you love your current suppliers? 

We get it — you are loyal to your current suppliers.  But it’s a myth that you’ll be forced to buy only from FLAG suppliers.  

Real fact:  You do not have to buy exclusively from FLAG Vendor Partners.  

We understand the complexity of label converting and don’t require our Members to buy exclusively from our Vendor Partners.  Of course, we encourage participation — and the more you buy the more you earn. Our active Members earn an average quarterly rebate/savings of $10,000 for buying the equipment and materials they need.

Real Fact:  We have a broad list of FLAG Vendor Partners and chances are that we have a supplier for products you buy every day.   

Our ever-growing list of Vendor Partners includes suppliers of substrates, inks and coatings, tool and die, anilox, small package shipping, LTL freight, healthcare, overlaminates, prepress, pressroom, digital, workflow, ribbons, credit card processing, car rentals, supplies and more!  There are many ways to earn your rebates and savings.

But don’t take our word for it — here’s what a few of our real Members have to say about vendor choices with FLAG:

Myth #2 - I will lose my buying independence when I join FLAG.

You’ll maintain your independence as a FLAG Member! 

We hear these concerns all the time from prospective FLAG Members.  As an independent converter, you want to maintain control over negotiations and pricing. We couldn’t agree more!

Real fact:  FLAG does not negotiate pricing for its Members.

FLAG Members maintain their independence by negotiating their own invoice pricing and working directly with each Vendor Partner. FLAG never gets in the middle of price negotiations.

Real Fact:  Your current pricing WILL NOT go up as a result of joining FLAG.

Your pricing with FLAG Vendor Partners will remain competitive and you will continue to negotiate invoice pricing. FLAG Vendor Partners win by increasing volume brought to them by FLAG Members.

But don’t take our word for it — here’s what a few of our real Members have to say about independence with FLAG:


Myth #3 - FLAG is just another project and will take up too much time.

FLAG works in the background!

We get it — like all of our independent converter Members across the country, you’re BUSY! And don’t have time now for a lot of new projects or tracking invoices.  

Real fact:  Joining FLAG is a snap.  

FLAG is committed to your success and works in the background! You can continue to run your busy business day-to-day. You’ll just need to handle a few ramp-up emails. That’s all it takes to get started – and you’ll start saving immediately.

Real Fact:  All it takes to get started is 15 minutes.   

One quick call is all it takes to learn the ins and outs of FLAG. Schedule a webinar with us and we’ll share what our Members know and why it’s been working since 2010, where the added savings comes from, regardless of your current pricing, who our Vendor Partners are and why they are excited to be with us. Fifteen minutes – to learn how it all works and if it will work for you.

But don’t take our word for it — here’s what a few of our real Members have to say aboutsigning up to FLAG:



Myth #4 - FLAG is just a buying group.

Sure our Members benefit from average $10,000/quarter rebates and savings – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Independent converters join FLAG to enjoy the many benefits of education and connection enjoyed by the “big boys.”

Real fact:  FLAG provides ongoing education to its Members.

From monthly Lunch & Learn programs to Annual Meetings, FLAG develops a robus agenda of education specifically designed for the independent converter.

Real Fact:  You’ll have multiple ways to connect with peers via FLAG.

From our private Member Connections platform to active Peer Groups, FLAG has created unique ways for Members to connect with non-competitors in a safe and open environment.

Real Fact:  Sometimes you need support.

FLAG catastrophic backup planning program provides independent label converters benefits similar to what large national converters can provide for their facilities with multi-location backup and support, should a catastrophic event take place.

And that can translate into sales opportunities as you’ll now have access to additional capabilities, capacities and the ability to market yourself as a big strategic company with sites across North America.

But don’t take our word for it — here’s what a few of our real Members have to say about the many benefits of FLAG Membership:


Real Results

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100% of Members who took advantage of our 90-day grace period since we started it in 2016 are still part of the FLAG community!

113 Independent Label Converters Are Already Utilizing Resources Similar To Those Of Large National Converters With FLAG. Join Us Today!

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